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Queen Clarisse of Genovia, the coolest grandma ever.



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Filming of the Pilot (&)

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complete strangers and then 3 episodes in we get this

Fun fact: In between filming the pilot and the second episode, Jared and Jensen got jumped outside a bar and pretty much literally saved each others lives.

This is what I imagined happened immediately after:


i am daenerys stormborn. your masters may have told you lies about me, or they may have told you nothing. it does not matter. i have nothing to say to them. i speak only to you. first, i went to astapor. those who were slaves in astapor, now stand behind me, f r e e. next i went to yunkai. those who were slaves in yunkai, now stand behind me, f r e e. now i have come to meereen. i am not your enemy. your enemy is beside you. your enemy steals and murders your children. your enemy has nothing for you but chains and suffering, and commands. i do not bring you commands.

                 i  b r i n g   y o u   a   c h o i c e.


Holy shit, Misha. I can watch this over and over…


I think Meg from Supernatural and Meg from Hercules both have the same amount of sass.



And they both got slightly soft when they fell for the hero



They both try to be dominate kissers



And they both introduce themselves slightly depressingly




  How Cas went from not wanting to work with a demon, to wanting to be around her and he always had some kind of attraction towards her and vice versa. How Meg protected him and grew to love his presence. 


flirtations/compliments don’t mean much to cas. except when they’re from dean.

Eleventh Doctor: first and last words



Mirroring — The behavior in which one person copies another person usually while in social interaction with them. It may include miming gestures, movementsbody language, muscle tensions, expressions, tones, eye movements, breathing, accentattitude, choice of words or metaphors, and other aspects of communication. It is most often observed among couples or close friends.

Thought I’d add this:


I was in preschool and a girl actually kissed me on the cheek. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what it meant, so I instantly grabbed her face and kissed her on the lips. And, then I got suspended.”


movies that need to happen: Black Widow (2014)

Do you know what it’s like to be unmade?”


Ziad Nakad Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014